Honda Motorcycle And Scooter India - Vibrating Honda Uncorn from Jhons Honda

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I am narrating my issues after making several complains to the dealer Jhons Honda dealer code kL 060002 and Honda Top authorities. Without receiving any fruitful response from the Honda Dealer or Honda Top officials I am reluctantly re-iterating my concerns to general public,

hoping someone actually pays attention to a customer's grievances urgently.

My ordeal began with the purchase of Unicorn CBF 150MA(11/11/2011) frame no :ME4kC09 CKB8166478, engine no: KC09E 6171979. Before explaining the details, let me just brief about myself and the history behind the purchase. My self a veterinary surgeon using a two wheeler to accomplish my official duties. I had owned a Honda unicorn OLD Model and clocked 175000 Kms without any major hassles. My real head ache started from the date of purchase of a New Unicorn. From the very beginning I found something unusual with clutch. Unusual sounds coming of which the dealer admitted that the clutch disk is faulty and it needs to be replaced and i got it replaced in a month. After the clutch disk was changed I found that pickup is very poor and engine starts to vibrate on high speeds. Dealer asked me to wait till 10000 kms as the bike is brand new and it requires more kms to accomplish the same pick up as of my OLD unicorn. After 12000 kms the vibration and pick up issue persisted and the dealer after some checkup told me that the wear and tear of my rear tyre is not even , and that is the reason for all this poor performance, of which i feel odd 'cuz he could have told this to me long before, actually the very first time i reported the issue, i mean, if thats actually the issue. Anyways, they did a wheel alignment and after checking the wheel bearings, they told me that it is due to the manufacturing defect of tyres and i would have to claim for a replacement of the tyres to the MRF, as it was still under warranty. I did as i was asked and i have to say that i was flabbergasted to hear their response. They told me that, they could only raise a complaint for which there is no suerity as to if they would replace the tyres under warranty. Result, u might have already guessed, yes, i purchased new tyres from my own pocket. Even after that, i have to say, i did not find much improvement and when i reported it, i was told to wait till 25000 km since my bike is new and it requires to burn the rubber for sometime so as to achieve the performance that i was getting with my old one. Since then I have noticed that the performance and riding comfort of my bike is deteriorating day by day and when ever I make a complaint about it, they would start babbling about some technical aspects of engine and will ask me to wait till 25000 kms. Meanwhile i had to change chain and socket @ 20000 kms . Now my bike clocked 28000 kms and the shocking fact is, even after burning so much of rubber, nothing changed and now my new tyre (which I changed @ 12000) is also facing issue of uneven wear and tear. I am really upset with the perfomance and riding comfort of my vehicle. Its annoying that u can't clock above 60km/hr. Pickup of engine, i have to say, is very pathetic with an unsual vibration from engine side and petrol tank, and even footrest vibrates . I feel like I spend RS 70 k for a vibrating machine.


1) Bike was faulty during delivery, had to replace clutch disk at the very beginning

2) Rear tyre is facing uneven ware and tear. Only getting 13000 to 14000 kms per tyre.

3) Engine vibration and poor pick up still persists after 28000 kms.

Finally I realized that I was explaining my concerns to a group of personals who never cares about customers problems. I am pretty sure that the bike is having serious Manufacturing defects, mostlyat the Engine side and chasis side ( alignment issue). Now i don't think that i should stop myself from demanding a replacement with a brand new bike along with a compensation of rs 50000 for all the trauma that I have gone through. I strongly suspect that this vibrating machine will seriously affect my health and i will have to hold Honda scooters and motor cycles responsible for all the health issues caused to me by this vibrating machine.

I would like to know that Honda or any of it's affiliates are concerned with the customer and not just to the customers' dollars. I had send several complaints to all honda authorities.( Via Email and Registered post with Acknowledgement ).nobody from Honda came up with a fruit full solution. I have received false promises from Mr Kannan (South Regional Office Kareem Towers, #19/5 & 19/6, 2nd Floor Cunningham Road, Bangalore) . unfortunately dealers were not aware how to rectify these complaints. As per their words “Such complaints are common in new Honda Uncorns. We don’t know how to rectify it. “.

I advice all my frnds to stay away from Honda two wheelers as they are interested in Customers Money only

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Honda Motorcycle And Scooter India - Total y missing and no performance

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I brought honda unicon from aryabangy honda cochin in november (12-11-2011)only six month.from the first day onwords its performance was very low,and totaly missing .from the firt service onwords i gave complaint to the aryabangy service center cochin now its third service was also comleted but...they dident take any action, so you can take honda unicon KL 42 E 9118 . Please give back my money other wise I will put this in the media. plz contact me immediately am waiting for your calllll

naveen augustin

kallooor house,chirrakkakam

varapuzha,ernakulam district

pin 683517


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Honda Motorcycle And Scooter India - Manufacturing defect not rectified in new bike

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Date of purchase : 22.03.2012 from Marikar Motors, Trivandrum , Kerala

Vehicle handed over to me on :23.03.2012 (afternoon) Friday.

Complaint noticed on : NEXT DAY.

type of complaint : (i) Chain rattling against chain Cover.

(ii) rattling sound from under seat

My situation is quite pathetic , since UNICORN bike is hard to

get....everyone stares at you when you pass them with a newly

registered no. When i pass them , the sound ( rattling) is loud enough

to attract more attention.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To save further embarrassment, i have kept my bike in my car shed and

am using my car.

The rattling sound is akin to the sound of a bike that has run around 15000kms.

So unfortunate that the QC people & QA staff at HONDA to have

overlooked this problem.

Thank you,

S.Siva Prakash


FRAME NO CBC 8223329........ME4KC09

ENGINE NO 6228710-----KC09E


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Honda Motorcycle And Scooter India - Honda Unicorn bike - complaint not rectified

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Dear Sirs,

This mail is in response to my complaint sent to you last week.

Though my bike was taken to the workshop on 27th.March,it was

returned;back to me saying that there was no complaint.

The next day i get a call from M/S. Marikar Motors asking that my bike

be taken to the Service Centre for detailed checking.(Due to my email

to you with cc to them) I obliged and sent the vehicle to the Centre

on the 28th again.I was told to come the next day (29th). Bike was

returned after 24 hrs saying that complaint was rectified.

After driving the bike for just 3kms ,it was evident that the grinding

noise between chain and chain cover was not rectified.

What should i do ? I contact the customer Care Executive who pleaded

helplessness, contending i meet the GM etc....

Please note that bike is barely 6 DAYS old andhad been sent to the

SERVICE CENTRE thrice and yet the complaint is NOT rectified.

What kind of SERVICE does HONDA offer its consumers ?

I work in a small Company and its almost 17kms away from the Service

Centre.I hold a responsible position and just cannot take time off to

visit the service Centre. I just cannot and will NOT keep on going to

the Service Centre almost everyday just because for making the huge

mistake - of shelling out Rs. 65,000/- for a HONDA bike.

Will some responsible person sit up and take notice of my plight ? I

am almost fed up. I rue the day in taking the decision

of buying a HONDA bike.

Thank You,

Yours Faithfully,

S.Siva Prakash


Phone: 9447324942

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Dear Mr HOD,


Honda 2 Wheelers

After so many times follow-up I was success to take my bike on 10th April. & paid also most 22k.

Bike was handed over to me without service, head light lock broken with 2 days, even they have not set clutch & gear, wheel alignment ( I have paid separately for LOCAL works )………… ……… engine is getting stopped suddenly during drive very fatal ….on the mid of traffic & road……………………………………………………………………and now ….new shockers is leaking………….I have told every issues told to Mr Bhatt….Service Manager at Mayank Honda , Sigra Varanasi.

I am very fade-up………… could not be condition of SINGLE DRIVE bike…….

I have driven this bike for 5 Year but now I am trying to sold it ………after pay 22k , Honda service can not make my bike in good running condition………..

Honda service people feel………………………???


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